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If UNCERTAIN about which Notebook, contact our Sales Team regarding Swop-4-Another option.
Apply at for the 36 month option - This price is an indication if taken with a Vodacom Contract.
Rock, Silver, and GOLD - is how much after sales support you Require, it is like a "Super Motor Plan for your laptop" - We will loan you another Laptop if yours get stolen or is dropped or broken if you take GOLD. See for more details.
Many items are proudly imported by us. Speak to your Sales Consultant irt (IP Prices) Import Partner Prices.
Model Product Image Cash Rock Cash Silver Cash Gold 36 Months Retail
YA11Q1  View : Mecer Fundi 11.6 Convertible, Win10 Pro S-Mode N3350,4GB,64GB,WiFi and BT,4000mAh,Windows Ink,Microsoft Pen,Sleeve (Grey).    R3725.22  R4225.22  R4725.22  R154.7  R4284  Order eMail for info
Z140C-Ultra  View : Mecer MyLife Z140C-Ultra 14 Win10 Pro Celeron Dual core N3350,4GB,64GB,WiFi and BT,0.3M Cam,1366x768 TN LED (Matt black).    R3401.74  R3901.74  R4401.74  R141.27  R3912  Order eMail for info
Z140C-Ultra-S  View : Mecer MyLife Z140C-Ultra-S 14 Win10 Pro,Office 365 Dual Core N3350 ,4GB ,64G B,WiFi and BT ,0.3M Cam,1366x768 LED (Silver)    R3833.91  R4333.91  R4833.91  R159.21  R4409  Order eMail for info
Z140C-Xpress  View : Mecer MyLife Z140C-Xpress 14 Win10 Pro Notebook Celeron Dual Core N3350,4GB,64GB,WiFi and BT,0.3M Cam,1366x768TN (Matt Black)    R3509.57  R4009.57  R4509.57  R145.74  R4036  Order eMail for info
CB14Q18  View : Mecer MyOffice 14 Win10 Home, I3-1005G1,4GB,128GB,Wi-Fi and BT, 0.3M Cam,1920x1080 IPS, 37.74Wh (Matt Black).    R6101.74  R6601.74  R7101.74  R253.39  R7017  Order eMail for info
CG14D15  View : Mecer Xpression 14 Win10 Pro, Quad Core Pentium N5000,4GB,64GB,Wi-Fi and BT,0.3M Cam,1366x768 TN,5000mAh (Black).    R3941.74  R4441.74  R4941.74  R163.69  R4533  Order eMail for info
MW-16Q9-3G  View : Mecer Xpress Smartlife 10 MW-16Q9-3G Android 7.0 MT8321 Quad Core 1.3GHz,1GB,16GB,3G+Dual SIM,Folio,Black    R1457.39  R1957.39  R2457.39  R60.52  R1676  Order eMail for info