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Apply at for the 36 month option - This price is an indication if taken with a Vodacom Contract.
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Model Product Image Cash Rock Cash Silver Cash Gold 36 Months Retail
HDWE160EZSTA  View : Toshiba X300-6tb-7200 Rpm-3.5-inch Hdd    R2684  R3684  R4684  R100  R3087  Order eMail for info
A50-C-27X  View : Toshiba Satellite Pro Intel Core i7-6500u - DDR3l 1600 8GB + None - 2.5 Sata 1t - 15.6 Inch Hd Non-glare - Shared Graphics - DVD-supermulti - Win10 Pro    R13393  R14393  R15393  R501  R15402  Order eMail for info
HDETV11ZSA51  View : Toshiba S300 8TB Hdwt380uzsva 72rpm    R3217  R4217  R5217  R120  R3699  Order eMail for info
HDETV13ZSA51  View : Toshiba S300 6TB Hdwt360uzsva 72rpm    R2815  R3815  R4815  R105  R3237  Order eMail for info
Z30-C-1J7  View : Toshiba Portege Intel Core i7-6500u - DDR3l 1600 8GB - 256 GB Solid State Drive - 13.3 Inch Fhd Non-glare - Shared Graphics - No Odd - 3g - Windows 10 Professional    R16099  R17099  R18099  R603  R18514  Order eMail for info
X20W-D-10Q  View : Toshiba Portege Intel Core i5-7200u - Lp DDR3 1600 8GB Onboard + None - M.2 256g Solid State Drive - 12.5 Inch Fhd Non-glare W - Touch - No Odd - Windows 10 Pro    R16306  R17306  R18306  R610  R18752  Order eMail for info
P000548880  View : Toshiba Lcd 15.6 Hd+ 200 L    R3054  R4054  R5054  R114  R3513  Order eMail for info
C50-A0316---TELKOM  View : Toshiba 15.6 Inch - Intel Core i3 - 4GB - 500GB Hard Drive - Win7+8 Pro    R8049  R9049  R10049  R301  R9256  Order eMail for info
Z50-C-16E  View : Toshiba Tecra Intel Core i7-6600u - 8GB - 1t 5400 - 15.6 Inch Fhd - Nvidia N16s-gm 2GB - Windows 7 Pro - 3yr Onsite    R16099  R17099  R18099  R603  R18514  Order eMail for info
HDETV10ZSA51  View : Toshiba S300 10TB Hdwt31auzsva 72rpm    R4767  R5767  R6767  R178  R5482  Order eMail for info
Z20T-C-144  View : Toshiba Portege Touch - Core M-6y75 - 512Solid State Drive - 16GB - 12.5 Inch - Digitizer - 3 - 4g - Microsoft Windows 10 Pro    R26449  R27449  R28449  R990  R30416  Order eMail for info
X30-E-15M  View : Toshiba Portege Intel Core i5-7200u(bga) - Ddr4 2133 8GB + None - M.2 Pcie 256g Solid State Drive - 13.3 Inch Hd Non-glare - Shared Graphics - No Odd - 0.9m Hd Camera W -     R16984  R17984  R18984  R636  R19532  Order eMail for info
C50-A0399---TELKOM  View : Toshiba 15.6 Inch Celeron - 4GB - 1TB Hard Drive - Microsoft Windows 8.1 Single Language     R5749  R6749  R7749  R215  R6611  Order eMail for info